Is your project not achieving what you expected? Although this happens frequently, there is no such thing as a project that can't be managed better and brought back from the brink of failure. PRSL specializes in recovering projects in crisis.
We offer a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to determine an acceptable outcome for a project in crisis and then implement remedial actions:

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For further information on project recovery, please contact us at: Recover Project.

Working closely with you, we define an acceptable outcome statement. What is desirable may not be realizable, but what is acceptable to you at this point in the project will drive a revised definition of success.
We look at what got you where you are today. This is not an "audit" and is not intended to find fault on anyone, but rather an effort to capture the reasons why the team could not deliver what you wanted and needed.
With the team's support, we determine approaches that can be taken to recover the project within the parameters of the acceptable outcome statement.
Working with your team, we formulate an action plan with detailed, measurable outcomes and key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow you to continue to invest time and money with confidence about the outcome.
We monitor and coach your staff so that their new skills and confidence remain within your organization to ensure future success.
We monitor KPIs continuously during our involvement to make sure that you know where you are and what to expect as the project enters the recovery and normalization stages.

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